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Accessories can do a lot for your outfits. They can save you money – more accessories mean fewer clothes are needed, make you stand out and make you appear more stylish. Wardrobes are usually kept simple, and it’s the accessories that add the magic to your outfits. You wouldn’t cook without seasoning, and accessories are your salt and pepper!


The clothing you wear will be vital for appearing stylish, but it’s not the only area of importance. Your face will play a big role in how you come across, and good skincare can be the difference between make and break! There are five main kinds of skin types: Combination, Sensitive, Oily, Dry and Normal. Once you know your skin type, create an effective skincare routine for you. A good cleanser, toner and moisturiser is the way to go.


Everyone loves a great summer tan, although sometimes it won’t be appropriate for your outfit and a clash is a big nono! A nice bronzed shimmer can be a great addition to your look, but avoid the orange at all costs! With the right faux tan, your skin can appear sun kissed but not over the top. The same rule applies with make-up. It’s one of the best pleasures as a girl, but it is also an art. If your skin is great, you don’t need foundation or concealer – it’s unnecessary and can dampen your style. Experiment and find the right combination of makeup and natural beauty for you.


You could own all the latest designer clothing, but if it doesn’t fit, it’s not a hit. At Adolescent Clothing, we think the number one priority is fitting. If your outfit compliments your body size and shape, it will enhance all your personal strengths and make you look great. Not to mention the confidence boost that can give you! If you’re smaller and want to appear bigger, baggy clothes won’t cut it. They will only highlight your smaller frame and create the opposite effect. Likewise, on the other side of the scale fitted clothes are still the way.


If you’re heading to college, university, or work – you don’t have to look like the front cover of a magazine to be considered stylish. Even if you’re having a night on the town, you should always have fun getting dressed and choosing your outfits. It shouldn’t feel like a chore! Your fashion choices are a form of self-expression, and if they make you feel confident and you think you look the part, it’s a big tick from us!

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