We LOVE Halloween weekend! Nothing like dressing up! Going out. Having fun with the girls. An extra hour in bed!



I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand feeling cold.

That’s why I always take out a hoody with me.

Day or night, it’s great to have on standby.

We love this Halloween-esque hoody right now.

Check out this Cats Eye Tee 












One look that is HOT all year around is the Cat Eye Look.

Also perfect for Halloween! Simply follow these steps to create your Halloween Cat look too.


Contour / Blend 

Create a strong contoured look, around the nose, under the cheekbones and also on the forehead. Blend any harsh lines, but don’t completely blend in.

Contour the eyes to make them look bigger.



Focus on the forehead and top of the cheekbones to create a pronounced look.


Cat eye 

To create the cat eye, you need to use a black eyeliner. If you have a look at YouTube you will be able to see so many tutorials on how to create this look. The mot important part – create the full wing. Use the same eyeliner under the eyes to exaggerate them. Use lots of eyeliner!


Whiskers & Nose

For Halloween purposes, add whiskers using a black kohl pencil and draw in a little black nose.


How to create a sexy Halloween makeup look:

Julia Craf – Sexy Halloween Makeup











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