The Beginning

Day One of 2019 gives everyone a super inspirational boost. With Mars entering his home sign of dynamic Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, a true cosmic beginning to the new year in a loud klaxon starter-gun send off. This fiery and active energy, will set the tone for a year of opportunities and exciting successes, let alone a January with two eclipses…are we ready for for this blast of positivity?

The Boss Deconstructs

We cannot ignore the solar eclipse on 6th Jan, right before we go back to work, and indeed it occurs at a very career orientated 15’ of Capricorn. You may have willingly signed on the dotted line for some kind of long-term agreement, but this eclipse will highlight the structure and authority behind major organisations. These have the potential to be totally deconstructed and rebuilt over the next six months.

Heavyweights Go Head To Head

The solar eclipse is the beginning of year’s wrangling between Saturn, (the karmic time lord and planetary heavyweight), and Pluto, the dark transformer, which will come to ahead in the early months of 2020. If I tell you that the joining of these two giants could be the un-doing of large scale organisations, like Europe, as well as Brexit and of the banking systems AND of an unhealthy presidency, you can imagine the seismic movements it could create in your own life.

Ready For Reinvention

January’s first eclipse event is occurring right between Saturn and Pluto. With the Sun connecting with both planets, right before and straight after the eclipse on 1st/2nd and 10th/11th January, elongating the heavy feeling of doom that is starting to permeate the ruling class of big business, and the governments they are in bed with. We can watch the cracks begin to show in powerful places with the knowledge that something new and more appropriate MUST take their place. Look at what is going on around you at this point in the first two weeks of January, because these will be the situations that will be completely reinvented in a year’s time.

Global Volcano Blows

Less than 24 hours after the eclipse, Uranus, the God of change who generally brings scintillating thrills, goes direct, and thereby super charges this eclipse to even greater levels of explosive wonderment. Uranus brings in a little crazy woo whether it’s going backwards or forwards, so this change of direction right on the eclipse moment, is a real smasher. It would be mild to say, we should expect the unexpected, as a whole global volcano is about to blow to make way for a completely new set of ideas around power and business.

Reconnection And Romance

The good news is, Mars and Venus are in really good communication all month long, when Venus steps into Sagittarius on 7th Jan and brings them both back into an alignment for some joy and passion. This is a blessing for any romantic relationships that might be in the doldrums as it brings back the fiery passion and the healthy sparring that often precedes good sex. After the Mars and Venus retrogrades in 2018, this ignites a fresh feeling for reconnecting and starting over. And for the single, these two planets in fire signs mean flirting and fun, and increase the chances of meeting someone fabulous, so do not stay at home – get out there!

Opportunity Knocks Three Times

More positivity is on the way as Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion is set to make three square connections with magical Neptune this year and these can be seen as the ‘opportunity knocks’ of the year. The first one is on the 12th January, as Jupiter steps into the shadow zone of an upcoming retrograde, at the same time as communication planet Mercury, connects with serious Saturn in even more serious Capricorn. Therefore this first ‘hit’ highlights and forecasts whoever you meet or whatever occurs this weekend, may bring further connections or doors to open, in June and September of this year. Jupiter and Neptune have the ability to magnetise amazing opportunities and create brilliance, so do not let the ruptures happening in governance or business put you off your own future vision.

Leave Or Be Pushed?

The weekend of Friday 18th Jan to Sunday 20th Jan is a good time to change direction or make a break for freedom as the Sun squares to Uranus and Mars squares to Saturn, and Mercury meets up with Pluto, to name just a few of the planetary cogs in the wheel of life, that charge up the potential for breaking free of the old dynamic and switching your commitments for something fresher. Perhaps this is the point where you ‘leave or be pushed’, whichever it is, someone is definitely moving on, and luckily there are safety nets around which will take you to a better and more appropriate situation.

Trust Your Heart

The full moon lunar eclipse at 0’ Leo on 20th/21st January is the alarm bell going off, signalling you to create the mission your heart has always wanted and this is your safety net. Perhaps you didn’t expect it to come around in this fashion, but the driving forces this Leo eclipse lets off will give you the assurance to tap into what YOU want to do, instead of satisfying anything or anyone else. As if to back up your decision, delightful Venus then connects with the extremely willing Jupiter, in optimistic Sagittarius to rubber stamp your assignment. Any decisions made now, from the heart, are going to be the right ones, especially if they have the highest principles in mind since Leo and Sag love to work with loyalty and justice. We can definitely trust this process and look forward to what is now appearing on our horizon.

Glimpse An Utopian Era

We may get a glimpse of what the future brings on 29th and 30th of January as Mercury goes Cazimi as he steps in front of the Sun. Mercury is information and communication and sitting in progressive Aquarius and powered up by the Sun, delivers brilliant new ideas and enlightened thinking. This might be the confirmation needed to demonstrate what a new earth and utopian era could look like to the uninitiated, and if you are already ‘woke’ this will be the satisfying information we need to stay tuned to the universe and all its cosmic gifts.

Venus & Vesta